PropTech Insights – week 49

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Facebook plans to invest $20m in affordable housing projects

The tech company, long criticized displacing low-income residents in Silicon Valley, will partner with advocacy groups to amid massive campus expansion. Facebook has agreed to invest $20m in affordable housing initiatives after facing intense criticism for failing to help low-income residents in Silicon Valley where the technology boom has exacerbated displacement and gentrification. [Read more]

Top 10 modern office fads

They started off as cool and geeky, but some of the weird and wonderful office “attractions” introduced into workspaces have failed to stand the test of time.  1. Slides — Google is best known for their installation of slides in some offices, including its Tel Aviv headquarters, but they’re not the only ones. LEGO put a metal one into their Danish office and Microsoft’s Vienna HQ followed suit. Slides look marvelous in the publicity photos, and seem like a super-fun and fast way of getting to a lower floor. The perfect visual metaphor for fast-moving companies, though they transport workers down rather than up. However, slides can ruin your clothes and, after some initial excitement among staff, they quickly resort to old-fashioned staircases. [Read more]

The smart office you will not want to leave

The office of the future will be an inviting and healthy space with varied and flexible high-tech working areas which encourage creativity and collaboration. Your desk is getting ready for your arrival. By the time you have been whisked up to the correct floor in the lift that automatically knows what level you are going to, the workspace you have booked with your smartcard will be powered up – ready for you to plug in your laptop and start work. [Read more]

The secret system that will backbone the entire IoT industry

No one thinks about the systems that connect us today. It’s not sexy, it doesn’t control the temperature in your house and it doesn’t tell you your heart rate. But that universal system is responsible for almost everything that runs in the world today. Roads, houses, time, rockets — and everything in between — are connected because of this ancient protocol. [Read more]

Will autonomous microgrids drive IoT in smart cities?

The ability of microgrids to operate autonomously from larger grids could prove to be a major driver of Internet of Things (IoT) adoption in smart cities of the future. A recent Intel Grid insights blog piece by Andres Carvallo discussed the pivotal role microgrids will play in smart cities of the future. Carvallo is CEO of CMG, a consultancy that advises on smart grids and other infrastructure. [Read more]

Emerging Trends in Real Estate – New market realities Europe 2017 (PWC)

The spectre of Brexit undoubtedly weighs heavily on the minds of many in the European real estate industry, as a source of gloom and, for some, opportunity. While there is a general post-Brexit slump in sentiment towards the UK, investors continue to see value in real estate across many parts of the rest of Europe. However, return expectations are being scaled down, and the importance of active asset management as a means to access income is being talked up. [Read more]

Collaboration is key to the future of corporate real estate

It is no longer a case of ‘build it and they will come’, particularly in the office sector where the key driver for occupiers is to win, or at least compete in, the war for talent. Those that can afford it are increasingly looking to occupy buildings that have the ‘wow factor’ – aesthetically significant, smart and technologically advanced environments that will have the best university graduates clamouring for positions within their four walls. [Read more]

Venture Scanner just released a report providing an overview of the Internet of Things startup landscape, graphical trends and insights, and recent funding and exit events. To see the full slide deck [click here]

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