eBook – Uncovering PropTech in Europe

July 1st, 2019. Europe has a very rich PropTech ecosystem, with a poll of 2899 PropTech startups, and 15 (multi)national PropTech networks. Those national networks – call them hubs, federations, or associations – were born simultaneously 2 and 3 years ago. All with the same positioning and of linking PropTech startups, and national corporates, to help the sector to innovate and to ease its digital transformation.

In the eBook, you can read everything about the PropTech movement in Europe. Menno wrote his insights about the Netherlands.

Learn from your History

PropTech in the Netherlands has some history. Housing platform Funda, for example, has existed for almost twenty years. The building that definitely contributed to the PropTech movement is The Edge in Amsterdam, developed by OVG. This company has been transformed into a tech company, EDGE Technologies. The PropTech movement saw the light at the beginning of 2016 and the first article was published in May of that year. The PropTech movement has gained an enormous boost in recent years with a lot of learnings.

Make Today great

Today we count around 400 PropTech companies in the Netherlands. That’s 4-5 percent global market share and 10-15 percent in Europe. The Netherlands is doing pretty good when you at the PropTech companies vs. inhabitants’ ratio in relation to other countries. But in the end, it’s not about numbers but about creating a positive impact on society.

The latest PropTech financing deals in the Netherlands are OfficeApp (€4,3M), OSRE (19% stake by Aareon), Geophy (US $33M), Lone Rooftop ($2,5M). There are so many inspiring PropTech companies in the Netherlands. Watch out for companies like Chainels, Healthy Workers, Huurpaspoort, 3DUniversum, SKEPP. Gooee (US) signed the biggest PropTech contract to connect over 5,000 Croonwolter&dros managed Dutch buildings to its IoT Platform.

The PropTech playground is no longer dominated by startups and they have become a piece of the puzzle. The established companies are becoming increasingly involved. Transactions and partnerships are closed at different levels to optimise processes, innovate products, develop new business models to make today great.

The Future depends on what you do today

In the future, PropTech will be more connected with global challenges like well-being, sustainable cities & communities, climate change, clean energy, responsible production, et cetra. We are responsible to find solutions for those global challenges. Therefore, we have to unlock our full potential to create amazing future-proof environments where we can live, work and play. Because we did not inherit the earth from our parents.. we borrow it from our children.

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These insights are written by Menno Lammers, founder of PropTechNL and Board Member of the PropTech House, the European Network and strategic advisor. If you have any questions about the Dutch insights, please send Menno Lammers a menno@proptech.nl.

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