PropTech Insights – week 15, 2017

Our goal is ‘reinventing the future of property’. To support that goal, we share! We have made a selection from various (Dutch and English) news sources, which we find it worthwhile to share this with you. Have fun reading! And sharing = caring..

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** PropTech startup Holiday Crowd closes £290,000 Seed **

Online property investment service Holiday Crowd has closed a £290,000 Seed round from a series of Angel investors. Angels in the round included Clive Sykes, founder and chairman of Sykes Cottages, and Apadmi Ventures, the venture arm of Apadmi Limited. Launched in March, the startup enables investors to build a portfolio of shares in holiday rental market properties in amounts upwards of £1,000. [Read more]

Property companies turn to VR to save costs

Visiting property showrooms could soon become a thing of the past. Thanks to virtual reality (VR), you can now view certain showflats anywhere with a VR headset. This concept was used by creative technology start-up Immersively for the upcoming Marina One mixed development. [Read more]

The 10 most innovative companies in architecture

For decades, architectural discourse was dominated by the notion that a single iconic building could reshape a neighborhood. Today, the best architecture firms are taking a more nuanced approach to the built environment. They’re using design and technology to tackle everything from climate change to social justice, and they are doing so not as lone geniuses toiling away in the dark, but in collaboration with clients, neighborhoods, and cities. The starchitecture era is dead. [Read more]

The Cities of the Future Are Smart, Green, Connected Innovation Hubs

Humanity has come a long way since the very first cities began to emerge about ten thousand years ago. Today, places like New York, Tokyo and Dubai are centers of innovation and human progress. Urban projects globally are pushing the limits of engineering, design and architecture. Exponential technologies are being integrated into the very skeleton of human civilization. Above all, we are seeing an emergence of futuristic societies with an inspiring vision for humanity. [Read more]

Megacities, not nations, are the world’s dominant, enduring social structures

Cities are mankind’s most enduring and stable mode of social organization, outlasting all empires and nations over which they have presided. Today cities have become the world’s dominant demographic and economic clusters. [Read more]

GeoCV Raises $1.8 Million For 3D Capture Tech

As some creators race toward recreating our world in virtual form, engineers are churning away at the best technology to streamline such a feat. 3D capture tools allow users to scan an area and turn it into a virtual space for exploring, editing, and more. GeoCV, the brainchild of 3D computer vision experts, is a technology that harnesses the accessibility and power of our smartphones to curb the cost of 3D capture. [Read more]