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Office design that boosts workplace wellbeing
Efficiency at work, and how designing healthy offices can improve it, are top priorities as the UK’s continuing poor productivity causes concern. Wellbeing in the workplace is rocketing up the agenda for a host of reasons. White collar work is increasingly about ideas and collaboration rather than repetitive clerical tasks, so staff needs are changing. [Read more]

Top funded real estate tech companies of 2016
Disrupt Property founder Jack Fitzgerald gives PPW a breakdown of some of the best-funded real estate tech companies of 2016. Global funding in real estate tech over the past few years has exploded. In fact, real estate tech investments hit record-high levels in 2015, with US$1.7B raised across 191 deals. As we wrap up 2016, the team at Disrupt Property has published a full list of the Top 20 Real Estate Tech Investments 2016, summing up the year by pulling together a collection of companies ranging from ‘just got funded’ to ‘unicorns’, stretching from San Francisco to Melbourne, London to Singapore. For this article, we focus on a teaser of ten. [Read more]

Samsung onthult trends voor 2017
Dinsdag 13 december 2016 — Samsung presenteert vandaag een reeks trends en ontwikkelingen die we vanaf 2017 mogen verwachten. Het trendrapport, ontwikkeld door Samsung Design Europe en Foresight Factory, geeft inzicht in de culturele, sociale en technologische ontwikkelingen die de komende jaren bepalen hoe we leven, winkelen en werken. Herman Konings, psycholoog en trendwatcher, licht de trends nader toe. [Lees meer]

Google’s Improbable Deal to Recreate the Real World in VR
LET A THOUSAND virtual worlds rain down from the clouds. Or rather, the cloud. That’s the call from Google as it gets behind a tiny British startup called Improbable. Founded by two Cambridge graduates and backed by $20 million in funding from the venture capitalists at Andreessen Horowitz, Improbable offers a new way of building virtual worlds, including not just immersive games à la Second Life or World of Warcraft, but also vast digital simulations of real cities, economies, and biological systems. [Read more]

3 benefits a smart city can gain from smart infrastructure
The Internet of Things is sweeping across the globe at breakneck speeds, and before we know it, our entire lives will be facilitated by connected technology. We’re already seeing the IoT make an incredible impact on how the industrial world operates, and we’re seeing it seep into household goods to bring convenience and efficiency to consumers’ lives. [Read more]

Building the Home of the Future
Look at any technology gift guide for this Christmas and from an Internet of Things perspective you’re left with a pretty clear impression… The smart home is well and truly upon us. The convenience of online connectivity has been brought to household tasks and functions, with the big companies fighting it out to ‘own’ your smart home and startups building a plethora of specific solutions. Whether through home hubs, security systems, or central appliances, the smart home is developing at such a pace that by 2020 it’s a market predicted to be worth $150billion globally. [Read more]

Construction Tech Quarterly Deals Hit 10+ For Last 7 Quarters
Construction tech has been a relatively nascent space, but activity has picked up in the last few years. With infrastructure now back in the spotlight and construction spend expected to increase, technology could play a key role in making the existing workforce more efficient. We used the CB Insights database to analyze the funding and exit landscape for construction tech. [Read more]

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