PropTech Insights – week 23, 2017

Our goal is ‘reinventing the future of property’. To support that goal, we share! We have made a selection from various (Dutch and English) news sources, which we find it worthwhile to share this with you. Have fun reading! And sharing = caring..

BRIEFING: Investment in proptech set to explode to €18b by 2020

New technologies are fundamentally changing the real estate industry and the process is accelerating, delegates at the PropertyEU PropTech briefing heard earlier this week at the Provada real estate fair in Amsterdam. [Read more]

Uber and Moda Living collaborate on Build to Rent

It has been announced that Uber, the taxi company, has teamed up with build to rent firm, Moda Living, to ‘revolutionise renting’. This is the first time that we have seen such a partnership in the UK. [Read more]

BRIEFING: Real estate industry adopting proptech at vastly different speeds

Huge differences exist across the real estate industry in terms of how it is responding to and adopting new technologies, delegates heard at PropertyEU’s PropTech Briefing held during the Provada real estate fair in Amsterdam earlier this week. [Read more]

Construction and Real Estate Tech: The Big Opportunities that Too Many Entrepreneurs and Investors Have Ignored

Real estate is the most valuable asset in the world. According to Fortune, all of the world’s real estate is worth more than $ The construction industry employs 6.000.000 people. It also creates close to $ in buildings and structures each year. Take a moment to think about those statistics. They’re mind-blowing. Land and property are extremely valuable. Businesses that develop property and facilitate the exchange of land are also quite profitable. [Read more]

10 signals of fundamental change in real estate

With a nod to the excellent book ‘Signals: How Everyday Signs Can Help Us Navigate the World’s Turbulent Economy’ by Dr Pippa Malmgren, here are 10 signals the real estate world is facing fundamental change. Signal No 1: In January the Chinese e-commerce behemoth Alibaba bought Intime, an owner of 29 department stores and 17 shopping centres. Why? [Read more]

Autonomous driving sector could create new $7trn ‘passenger economy’

A new report into the potential for the autonomous vehicles sector has predicted that by 2050, a ‘passenger economy’ could develop, worth $7trn. We’ve heard plenty over the past few years about the ‘sharing economy’ with the growth of companies such as Uber and Airbnb, but, in the decades to come, we will all be talking about a ‘passenger economy’. [Read more]

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