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** Proptech: the businesses transforming the housing market**

The property sector is a multi-billion pound industry. that affects all of us at some point in our lives. But, dominated by large, traditional high-street estate agents, it operates in a way that can feel incredibly archaic and confusing for all involved. “There are clear problems with how UK houses are transacted,” says Professor Andrew Baum of the Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford. Baum, who is publishing a report on the future of real estate later this month, sees great potential for businesses to disrupt the way houses are bought and sold. [Read more]


You Can Now 3D Print Glass

Hamburg’s new concert hall opened late last year to acclaim from architectural critics around the world. The soaring structure has a façade of some 2,000 flat and curved glass panels, giving the impression of a wave about to break. But the project was six years late and hundreds of millions of euros over budget, with some of the overage due to the ancient, time-consuming molding technique used to curve the glass panels. [Read more]

Sidewalk Labs may develop its own district to test smart city tech

This May 3 to May 6, the Brooklyn Navy Yard’s Duggal Greenhouse is hosting the inaugural Smarrt Cities NYC conference and expo. Smart Cities NYC is ambitious in its scope, with a global selection of speakers whose backgrounds include government, the tech industry, academia, real estate/development, and design. Autonomous vehicles, public health, construction technology, resilient urban landscapes, and the Internet of Things (IoT) are just a few of the subjects being discussed. [Read more]

These cities are replacing the wordt kind of infrastructure with the best

In car-dependent Dallas, parking lots are ubiquitous downtown. But one lot will soon be de-paved and turned into a park. Nearby, another parking lot is turning into a temporary urban farm before it also becomes a park. Something similar is happening across the U.S. as cities begin to realize that a slab of asphalt for storing cars isn’t the best use of valuable urban space. [Read more]

De stad als urban living lab

Smart City-ontwikkelingen staan hoog op de agenda van steden in binnen- en buitenland. Metropolen worden de motor van de nieuwe economie. Waarbij verduurzaming vraagt om hoognodige stedelijke innovaties. Als het even kan met behulp van de Internet of Things. De race om de slimste stad is begonnen. [Lees meer]

The last module on Europe’s tallest modular tower in Wembley, London has been positioned at a height of 90m

Europe’s tallest modular tower has seen its final module lowered into place in north London. The 29-storey structure is a student accommodation scheme developed by Tide Construction and Vision Modular Systems. The development is being funded by GCP Student Living plc, a closed ended fund, which is listed on the London Stock Exchange and already owns a number of other completed developments primarily in and around London. [Read more]

OVG waarschuwt: snel nieuwe kantoren nodig

Nederland heeft snel behoefte aan nieuwe kantoren en woningen. En het kabinet moet daarbij helpen. Dat betoogt Boudewijn Ruitenburg, directielid bij OVG Real Estate. “Neem Rotterdam. Daar staat geen bouwkraan in het centrum. Zelfs het beste stukje grond blijft onaangeroerd. Dat belemmert de stad om zich door te ontwikkelen en het is slecht voor de concurrentiepositie van Nederland.” [Lees meer]

The next billion-dollar startup will be in aerospace

Late last month, 500 people from around the world gathered in Dallas at Uber’s inaugural Elevate Summit. The invite-only conference was the next actionable step forward, post-Uber’s white paper published last fall, “Fast-Forwarding to a Future of On-Demand Urban Air Transportation,” to catalyze the emerging ecosystem around what Uber, along with partners in aerospace, aviation, and energy storage, see as the next unicorn transportation sector. [Read more]

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