PropTech Insights – week 17, 2017

Our goal is ‘reinventing the future of property’. To support that goal, we share! We have made a selection from various (Dutch and English) news sources, which we find it worthwhile to share this with you. Have fun reading! And sharing = caring..

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** Predicting the 2017 Winners in Real Estate Tech **

Real estate has long been an intriguing investment vehicle. And while memories of the Great Recession may still loom large in potential investors’ minds, money continues to flow into commercial and residential real estate. That trend is expected to continue, and one can look back at investment winners of 2016 to predict who will secure the most attention (and investment dollars) in 2017. [Read more]


 Siemens eigenaar van nieuw vastgoed ziekenhuis in Zeeland

Technologiebedrijf Siemens is eigenaar geworden van de operatiekamers van het Admiraal de Ruyter Ziekenhuis (ADRZ) in Zeeland, een unicum voor Nederland. Het tot voor kort in financiële problemen verkerende ziekenhuis huurt het in februari opgeleverde operatiecomplex op de locatie in Goes van Siemens, dat de komende tien jaar de medische apparatuur zal leveren. [Lees meer]

The city in 2030

Smart city technologies are already with us, so what will the urban landscape look like in 2030? Smart cities are already with us. We have already brought huge advances to the way we manage our civic utilities with software-based intelligence to control civil engineering infrastructures. This insight allows workers in white shirts and ties across operations departments to perform predictive supply optimisation for us. [Read more]

Technology helping to make V&A Dundee vision a reality

When the V&A Dundee museum opens next year it will contain hundreds of design classics. But even as it takes shape, it’s already a trendsetter in construction technology. I pull on a pair of 3D goggles and I’m standing outside the magnificent V&A Dundee. I can tell it’s magnificent because I’m looking at it. With a click, I’m inside and I’m going up the stairs. [Read more]

6 Real Estate Startups Poised To Disrupt The Industry

Silicon Valley may be the technology hub of the United States, but there are exciting things happening in tech around the country as well, including several real estate startups cropping up in New York that could have national implications. [Read more]

The Future of Work is Now, and It’s Reshaping More Than the Office

War for talent, high-speed digital change put workplace and real estate onto the C-suite agenda   By John Forrest, Global & Americas CEO, Corporate Solutions What jobs will still exist in five years? Which tasks will humans perform and which ones will be automated? Knowing what you don’t know is the first step. [Read more]