PropTech Insights – week 13, 2017

Our goal is ‘reinventing the future of property’. To support that goal, we share! We have made a selection from various (Dutch and English) news sources, which we find it worthwhile to share this with you. Have fun reading! And sharing = caring..

Most shared PropTech article last week (Total shares 2,1K):

** Watch Amazon’s Prime Air drone make its first demo delivery in the US **

Amazon has been testing its Prime Air delivery drones for years now, but this week IT made its first public demo of the system in the US. A Prime Air drone dropped off some bottles of sunscreen for attendees at the company’s invite-only MARS conference in California on Monday. (MARS stands for machine learning, automation, robotics, and space exploration — it’s also where Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos piloted giant robot). And although the order was prearranged, the delivery itself was fully autonomous. [Read more]


It Begins: Bots Are Learning to Chat in Their Own Language

Igor Mordatch is working  to build machines that can carry on a conversation. That’s something so many people are working on. In Silicon Valley, chatbot is now a bona fide buzzword. But Mordatch is different. He’s not a linguist. He doesn’t deal in the AI techniques that typically reach for language. [Read more]

How Google Is Revealing Unmapped Areas of the World in Virtual Reality

Technology companies left and right are developing new gadgets to advance virtual reality as an immersive entertainment and gaming platform. Others however, like VR producer Chris Milk, have hopes that the technology’s potential will extend far beyond sheer entertainment. [Read more]

Zegeningen en gevaren van de technologie. De nieuwe God.

Waarom gaat het bij de verkiezingen niet over de toekomst? Om technologie, om preciezer te zijn. Want die wordt zeer bepalend voor ons leven. Dat besef begint langzaam door te dringen. ‘Het voelt als een verlichtingsproces.’ [lees meer]


Robots that paint, clean HDB blocks to be tested shortly

Robots may soon take over cleaning and painting high-rise buildings here, thanks to a new automated gondola system co-developed by Singapore electronics company Elid Technology International and Nanyang Technological University (NTU). Called the OutoBot, the locally built system was launched yesterday as a commercially ready product after two years of research and development, with the aim of improving productivity while enhancing workplace safety. [Read more]

Paths to a self-driving future

A future in which self-driving cars define the traffic landscape: what will this look like and when could we expect this future to arrive? Great uncertainty surrounds these questions. If technological development is rapid, the technology affordable, self-driving cars attractive to car drivers and the societal impacts positive, a ‘self-driving future’ is highly probable. [Read more]

The MIPIM Awards 2017 Winners were… [read more]

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