PropTech Insights – Week 3, 2017

Our goal is ‘reinventing the future of property’. To support that goal, we share! We have made a selection from various (Dutch and English) news sources, which we find it worthwhile to share this with you. Have fun reading!


Wie is Ronald van Aggelen? Ik ben Ronald van Aggelen (1977), getrouwd, 2 kinderen (4 en 6). Ik heb architectuur gestudeerd aan de TU Eindhoven. Ik ben daarna werkzaam geweest bij verschillende bureaus en ben uiteindelijk partner geworden bij ZEEP-architecten. Daar heb ik veel ervaring opgedaan met BIM. Dit is de basis geweest om Root BV in 2014 op te richten. Sinds 2 maanden is daar een verse startup bij gekomen: SlimLabs. Voor beide bedrijven ben ik DGA. [Lees meer]

What will PropTech look like in 2017? Hear from the industry’s pioneers

From virtual reality (VR) and drones on development sites to blockchain for mortgage valuations, this is how some of the property industry’s leading technologists see the path of PropTech in 2017. Wider adoption of virtual reality in design, construction, sales and letting. The use of VR in property is already a $1 billion industry globally, and Goldman Sachs estimates that it is set to treble by 2020. [Read more]


The ‘Top 20 Real Estate Tech Investment 2016’ report is a summary of the most important investments made in PropTech / RETech throughout the year. It covers 20 companies making waves in the real estate industry and will instantly bring you up to speed with this rapidly changing space. Disrupt Property tracks these startups daily and this is written for real estate people who want to be part of the future. [download the guide here]

Real Estate Tech Is Opening Up New Markets

Real estate isn’t typically considered a tech-filled field. Most of the changes faced by this industry have been in financing and demand, with technology being an afterthought of traditional practices. Recently, however, a growing number of technology startups and products have emerged, greatly impacting the industry. This made the industry stronger, and also more open to new business opportunities. [Read more]

Canada’s Altus wants to save landlords around the world millions on property tax

Altus Group Ltd. plans to double its revenue to about $800 million in the next five years as the Canadian real estate data provider expands further into property tax consulting with acquisitions in the U.S. and U.K. Altus could spend as much as US$100 million on a single purchase as it adds taxes to services such as portfolio valuation and cost tracking for clients from Brookfield Asset Management Inc. to Canada Pension Plan Investment Board. [Read more]

DC’s Gramercy District to become a $500m smart city test project

Global private equity firm 22 Capital Partners has chosen FedBid Inc. to help build its 22 CityLink smart city platform. FedBid is an online marketplace that facilitates businesses and educational institutes participating in government procurement of goods and services. The new smart city platform is focused on reducing the total lifecycle costs of smart city projects and creating long-term value for the citizens of these urban environments. [Read more]

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