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Houzz raising $400 million at $4 billion valuation

Home improvement platform Houzz continues to grow, and is in the process of raising another huge round of funding. The company confirms that it is raising $400 million in new financing, at a valuation that multiple reports peg at around $4 billion. Founded in 2009, Houzz provides a platform to help users renovate and remodel their homes, as well as providing tools for finding furniture and fixtures they might want to purchase. The company has users all over the world, in markets that include the U.S., U.K., Australia, France, Germany, Russia, Japan, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Denmark. [Read more]

The Rise Of Virtual Reality In Real Estate

Open house visits are a fun way to explore a property, but when you go for a visit, you have to imagine what it might look like with your own furniture, setup and style. You may know the space is a great fit for your needs, but the current owner’s furniture, staged furniture or empty rooms might not be conducive to really understanding what the home would look like if you moved in. Thanks to new developments in real estate tech, the days of imagining may soon be behind us. [Read more]

This Accelerator Is Investing in the Startups Building the Cities of the Future

Dreamit Ventures, a renowned accelerator program topping the entrepreneurial ecosystem, is expanding its successful accelerator with a new program focused on Urban Tech. Dreamit has launched over 300 companies that have raised $500 million in funding and have a combined valuation of more than $2 billion. Dreamit UrbanTech invests in and nurtures startups that solve issues for urban areas and that impact the built environment. This includes startups in real estate tech, smart cities, energy efficiency, construction tech, and transportation. The United Nations estimates that nearly 65 percent of the world’s population will call cities home by 2040. Smart city technology is no longer a luxury for cities but a necessary investment to make cities livable and manage the forces of urbanization. [Read more]

This Futuristic Hotel Concept is Based on Elon Musk’s Hyperloop

When you go out of town, you usually need to buy a few nights at a hotel in addition to a plane, train, or bus ticket. Brandan Siebrecht, a graduate architecture student at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, wants to combine these components into one experience. He designed what he calls the “Hyperloop Hotel,” a system that would feature a transit system and 13 hotels in different cities throughout the United States. [Read more]

New Tech Uses WiFi and Holograms to Let You “See” Through Walls

If you’ve played any of the recent Batman video games, you’re probably already familiar with his ability to scan through walls using one of the many gadgets he has at his disposal. In real life, German scientists from the Technical University of Munich (TUM) may have developed a technology that could give you a similar Batman-esque skill. What makes it even cooler? Basically all it takes is a Wi-Fi signal. [Read more]

Google plans 300 modular units in tight San Francisco market

Developers in the San Francisco Bay Area are searching for ways to offset the lack of affordably priced inventory brought on by the region’s tech boom. Four key counties in the Bay Area each have 10,000 fewer rental units than are needed to house locals requiring affordable units. And among residents there, those making less than 50% of the counties’ area median incomes spend more than half of their income on rent. [Read more]

Amazon to Buy Whole Foods for $13.4 Billion

Amazon Amazon agreed to buy the upscale grocery chain Whole Foods for $13.4 billion, in a deal that will instantly transform the company that pioneered online shopping into a merchant with physical outposts in hundreds of neighborhoods across the country. The acquisition, announced Friday, is a reflection of both the sheer magnitude of the grocery business — about $800 billion in annual spending in the United States — and a desire to turn Amazon into a more frequent shopping habit by becoming a bigger player in food and beverages. After almost a decade selling groceries online, Amazon has failed to make a major dent on its own as consumers have shown a stubborn urge to buy items like fruits, vegetables and meat in person. [Read more]

Kamer wil bescherming internet-of-things-apparaten

De Kamer wil dat het kabinet onderzoekt of fabrikanten kunnen worden gedwongen om met internet verbonden apparaten beter te beveiligen. De Tweede Kamer wil dat het kabinet onderzoekt hoe internet-of-things-apparaten beter beschermd kunnen worden tegen computercriminaliteit. Het gaat om apparaten zoals routers, webcams of slimme thermostaten die zijn verbonden met het internet. De Kamer wil weten welke minimale veiligheidseisen aan zulke apparaten kunnen worden gesteld en hoe deze kunnen worden afgedwongen. [Lees meer]

Five ways smart cities will change driving forever

As the number of smart cities around the UK increases, could we end up seeing less rush-hour honking, an end to speed bumps, and more green space?The advent of connected vehicles in smart cities has the potential to dramatically change the way we drive. [Read more]

WeWork x Fieldlens

In the coming year, WeWork will be managing millions of square feet of construction. Today, we open 5 to 10 locations every month and we have only begun to scratch the surface of global demand. At the rate the company is growing, we will be (if we aren’t already) one of the largest consumers of design and construction services in the world.​ [Read more]

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